Woodblock Print: Harbor at Night, Otaru

Harbor at Night in Otaru was one of Hasui’s favorites; a lovely, calm evening at sunset in Fall perhaps? Some have even suggested that the artist himself is one of the figures standing on the pier, looking out on the twilight.

Our frames are custom-ordered for every print we buy from Japan, and we intentionally leave a quarter-inch margin around the woodblock print, showing the name of the picture and the Publisher’s seal (Watanabe). While these prints are Originals (i.e. printed from the original block) they were not done under Hasui’s supervision, thus the reduced price. A woodblock print that was done while Hasui was still alive, and which he supervised and gave his approval to, in good condition costs between $3000 to $6000, depending on the print and its condition.

Our custom-ordered frames are made in such a way that they can be opened easily from the back. That means if you own two of the same size matted woodblock prints you can open the frame and easily switch the prints. This is a very Japanese way of doing things, changing the artwork according to the “season”.

Matted Woodblock Print, $450

Custom Order Frame for Hasui print $250.

Shipping for Framed Hasui Print, SHIPPED WITHIN THE UNITED STATES, $85.