White Paper Cranes

One of the most beautiful and graceful birds in the world, the Japanese Crane is a symbol in Japan of long life and happiness. Because Japanese cranes mate for life they symbolize marital fidelity and love. Legend says that they live to be a thousand years old. Cranes are considered a good omen, and used frequently as a good luck symbol on silk wedding kimonos, brocade silk obis, and other various textiles.

Our Japanese Paper Cranes come folded, but they spread their wings to adorn and be attached to any place they’re needed. There is a slim white wire on each crane that can be extended and wrapped around anything to make them appear as if they are actually flying. Especially great, but not limited to Christmas trees, each crane comes with an explanation that they are good luck, and represent long life and happiness. This is one of our best selling items all year long, and many people buy them to give to newlyweds, and even as party favors at a wedding. But they are also nice, simple gifts to give to family, friends and loved ones.

Sold as a set of 6 Cranes. Each additional Crane is $5.00.

Priority Mail shipping for 6 Cranes, $10.00.