Standing Buddha, Amida Nyorai

This is the Amida Nyorai Buddha, related to “Pure Land” Buddhism in Japan.

It is believed that by chanting “Namu Amida Butsu”, Amitābha
Buddha’s darani, anyone can obtain birth in the Pure Land. This chant
is said to reject anything negative that can block the way to
Buddhahood. In some schools in Japan, the chanting is a form of
thanks to the Amitābha Buddha so that rebirth is assured thereafter.

Amida Butsu is known as the “Buddha of Infinite Light.” He is a
celestial Buddha also known in Indian Sanskrit as Amitābha.

Our statues are made to look and feel like bronze, but are finely cast in a zinc-based alloy, in Japan. They have meticulous detail and come boxed, with a detailed explanation.

The Amida Nyorai Buddha statue stands 6″ tall; $225 plus $20 for shipping within the continental U.S.