Solid Porcelain Beckoning Lucky Cat

This unusual little beckoning cat is 5″ tall and almost 3″ wide, and is solid porcelain, weighing almost a pound and a half. Since most porcelain cats are hollow, this lucky cat is quite unusual. Hand-painted and holding a gold coin that says “Sen Man Ryo” (essentially a “million” pieces of gold), this lucky cat is probably from the 1950’s or 1960’s. In addition to calling good luck into your home, it will also double as a paper-weight! This sweet cat is approximately 50-60 years old.

Most porcelain or ceramic lucky cats have small or large holes on the bottom, but because this cat is solid porcelain there is no hole! (See photo.)

ON SALE FOR $100 (was $200), plus $30 for shipping within the continental U.S.