Small Pattern Shibori Yukata (Cotton Kimono)

This is a vintage cotton kimono, meant to be worn in the summer, called a Yukata. “Yu” refers to the hot water used in a public bath, the neighborhood “Sentou”. This kind of kimono would often be worn after taking a long, relaxing bath with one’s friends and family in the evening, or wearing out on a hot summer day. These Yukata cotton kimonos would also be worn at the local “Matsuri” summer festival, and also at the “Obon” festivals in August, where one’s deceased family and ancestors are acknowledged with various celebrations. At the Obon festival there is Obon ritualized dancing, where the”dead” are believed to come back and participate in the dances, along with their family and friends.

This is a collector’s item and hand-dyed with real Indigo, using a special, labor intensive technique called “Shibori”.

Quality is very good, and will fit a Women’s size 4, 6 or slender 8.