Saki-ori Indigo Farmer’s Vest

This is a traditional Farmer’s Vest, late 19th or early 20th century. Saki-ori is a labor-intensive technique where an old textile (in this case old Indigo cotton) has been recycled and cut into thin strips, and then the strips have been rewoven and turned into a piece of clothing. The Japanese find it hard to throw anything away, no matter how old or worn, and will often recycle old textiles with this technique, producing obi belts, vests, and jackets. Saki-Ori literally means “tear and weave”, and is similar to the technique that is used to make “rag-rugs”.

The Indigo color in the Farmer’s Vest is actually much deeper and richer than is shown in our photos.

This is a very small size, but can still be worn by a petite person, size 1 or 2.