Sage & Green & Brown Checked Eco-Zori Japanese Slippers

Our Eco-Zori are hand-made by Anna, our incredibly talented crafts person in Japan. They are made from “recycled” T-shirts that are cut and then woven into typical Japanese Zori slippers, like the kind that are made from bamboo and are worn outside or used in the tea ceremony. Ours are meant to be worn inside the home, after you’ve taken off your shoes and are ready to step into your house. Our recycled T-shirt Eco-Zori are wonderfully soft to step on, and wearing them is like walking on a cloud. They are especially wonderful for people with “sensitive” feet, who are looking for a nice soft slipper.

Eco Zori; 11.5″ long by 4 3/4″ wide; larger size for men or women.
(marked Women’s 13 or Men’s 12, but we suggest you measure your foot.)

Can be hand-washed.