Paisley A-Line Jacket, Black & White (with some red)

This A-Line Paisley Jacket is the most popular style we used to sell in our retail store in Boston. Soft to the touch, with a wonderful drape, creating flowing flattering lines that look good on almost any body type. (Even us Rubenesque, voluptuous, pear-shaped women . . . Yes I own one of these jackets too, and I’m 5’1″). The Paisley Black & White design is based on a beautiful, traditional Indian Sari pattern that Mieko found and decided to reproduce. Light to the touch, it adds just the right amount of warmth, and drapes beautifully. This is a two-layer Kantha jacket that has both an A side and a B side, so you get two different jackets to choose and wear, as the occasion calls for.

This Free Size fits a women’s size 4 to size 10, or a slender size 12.

$775. UPS shipping is $20.