Origami Cranes

One of the most beautiful and graceful birds in the world, the Japanese Crane is a symbol in Japan of long life and happiness. Because Japanese cranes mate for life they symbolize marital fidelity and love. Legend says that they live to be a thousand years old. Cranes are considered a good omen, and used frequently as a good luck symbol.

The Origami crane is an expression of this good luck symbol. Origami means “folded paper”. The beautiful papers used to make these cranes are all hand-crafted washi paper.

Our Origami Cranes are hand-made from 6″ Origami paper and are approximately 3 inches wide with a 4″ wing span. Each piece has a gold tassel to allow you to hang it from your favorite spot! Each Origami Crane is wrapped in clear plastic with a “Good Luck Symbol” explanation.

Our Origami Cranes come folded, but you gently pull the wings out and they gain another dimension.

Set of 10 in assorted colors, $40. Each additional crane after that is $4.00.

Priority Mail Shipping up to 10 cranes, $8.00.