Noren – The Moon

Our Linen “Moon” Noren is traditionally hand-dyed, using labor-intensive methods and can take a few days to a week to get the colors right on each one. Our Moon Noren is available in Indigo.

We call this lovely design “The Moon”, but this circle design in Japanese is also called an “Enso”, which can have the meaning of “Zen” and also “enlightenment”. Our Noren are hand-dyed for our store by our friend Miwako-san in Kyoto, who has been custom dyeing these wonderful pieces for us for over 15 years.


34″ wide by 5′ long

$400, INCLUDES SHIPPING within the continental U.S.

Available in Indigo, plus other designs like “Where The Sea Meets The Sky”, and also “Indigo Moon Gradation Noren”.

Sold WITHOUT THE BAMBOO, email to check for availability;