Women Cotton Nemaki Kimono with gauze lining, Small and Medium

A Nemaki is an extremely soft, comfortable Cotton Kimono that has a gauze lining on the inside. The gauze lining absorbs sweat, and the Japanese consider them comfortable enough to sleep in. Each one comes with a matching sash.

Available in Small (Ladies size 2-4)
Medium (Ladies size 6 to 8)
Large (Ladies size 10 or a slender 12)
Men’s Medium Size, 57″ in length

The Geometric Patterns are traditionally for Men (in Japan), but can be worn by both Men and Women. The patterns available are subject to change, so please email or call to ask what we have in stock. Approximately 53″ in length for the floral patterns, 57″ in length for the geometric patterns.

The Nemaki photos we show right now are relatively current, but they sell out quickly and the patterns change every few months. Please email us at info@oldjapaninc.com to ask about our most CURRENT selection.

Small/Medium size $135; Large Woman’s size $145
Geometric Pattern Men’s Nemaki $145

1st photo, Camellia flowers, SMALL SIZE (label says Japanese size M); $135

2nd photo, Bell flower, SMALL SIZE; $135

3rd photo, Chrysanthemums, MEDIUM SIZE; $135