Mieko Mintz Indigo Patch A-Line Jacket #1

Mieko’s new Indigo Patched design, in a fabulous A-Line style. Soft to the touch, with a wonderful drape, creating flowing, flattering lines that look good on almost any body type. (Even us Rubenesque, voluptuous, pear-shaped women . . . Yes, I own one of these jackets too, and I’m 5’1″. . . )

Reversible, with a soft, medium indigo-blue solid on the inside. A medium-soft weight, not too heavy, not too light.

Available in Free Size (women’s size 4 to 10) or L Size or LL Size, depending on availability. Each jacket will be slightly different from the jacket shown here.

See A-Line Jacket #2 showing Reverse Side B photos.

$900. UPS shipping within the US $35.