Lion Dog with Peony Noren (Hanging) Antique Indigo

This is a Noren that was originally an antique Futon-gawa, but which we asked our Japanese friend and tailor Taeko to customize for us, and turn into a fabulous hanging which we then used to hide a very un-glamorous work space. This piece of Indigo is dated approximately mid-late 19th century, and shows a “Karajishi” Chinese Lion Dog, along with the “king of flowers”, the peony. The Karajishi Lion Dog is a supernatural being with powers used to “protect” the Buddhist faith. It’s ferocity is offset by the beauty of the peony, a yin-yang symbolism.

The “tail” of the Lion Dog morphs into the symbol for the Buddhist “jewel of truth”.

In all four corners is a family crest, represented by an abstract symbol of “arrows”, a good luck symbol because an arrow flies straight and true. Because this is a very old piece, the Indigo has faded and the cotton shows staining in many places. This is a free hand “tegaki” illustration which was Indigo resist-dyed, and then hand-painted over with a darker, reddish-grey color.

This Noren was sewn in such a way that a bamboo pole can be inserted through the top of the piece, and hung on the wall, over a doorway, or a closet.