Large White Ceramic Lucky Cat with Plum Blossoms

This large, white ceramic, beckoning Lucky Cat stands 14″ tall X 10″ wide, and is from the late 20th-century, around 1970. These larger cats were often given to new stores or businesses to celebrate a grand opening, in order to draw in customers and cash. They are usually banks, and were often given with money put into the bank to insure a good start to business!

This white lucky cat has seen decades of good business and perseverance! She is hand-painted, and the gold bell she wears on her collar says “Fuku” for “Good Fortune”, and the gold coin she carries says “Sen Man Ryo”, meaning “a million pieces of gold”. The hand-painting on her “bib” is that of plum blossoms, another lucky symbol in Japan because it is the harbinger of spring. She’s also been around so long that her whiskers are gone (probably accidentally pulled off by loving children . . . “)

This lucky cat has been part of our own personal history, because it was given to us in 1990, when we opened our first retail store on Bleecker Street in New York City. So we can account for almost the last 30 years of the history of this Zen-like cat, and attest to the fact that she has brought us nothing but good luck!

There is a coin inside, but we don’t know how much, since we’ve never opened it to see!

$300, plus $50 for shipping within the continental U.S.