Japanese Exfoliant “Nirvana” Wash Towels

Have you ever tried a Japanese Wash Towel? The ones we carry in the store are made of Nylon, and have a wonderful texture that lathers up really well, and feels INCREDIBLE when you scrub your body. The Wash Towel also acts as an exfoliant, so your skin feels super clean when you’re done, plus they are long enough to wash your own back! In Japan every person uses one, and nobody even thinks about it, it’s just “a given”. But here in America they’re really unique, and many customers who buy them from us fall in love with them, and end up buying more to give away as gifts!

We special order these from Japan, and have them made 110 cm. long, which is slightly longer than what’s used in Japan. This makes it easier for larger people to use, especially when washing one’s back!

If you want to experience a little piece of “Nirvana”, treat yourself to a Japanese Wash Towel, the best gift you’ll ever give yourself! Because you use it every day, it’s the “gift that keeps on giving”.

Minimum Order Four Wash Towels, $40. Each additional Wash Towel $10. Priority Mail shipping for four Wash Towels, $15.