Japanese Masks: Hannya

The Hannya is one of the most visually stunning, and perhaps the most frightening of Japanese Masks. With horns, bulging eyes, and the occasional set of sharp fangs, this mask is a representation of a Female Demon, and has also come to represent the face of a jealous woman, or a woman scorned. When Japanese women marry they traditionally wear a huge white headdress which is said “to hide the Horns of Jealousy”.

While the Okame mask is a representation of a typically lovely, always cheerful Japanese woman, the Hannya represents her darker side. This is a common motif often found in Japanese Art. It’s possible to sip hot sake from a sake cup that shows the smiling face of Okame on the inside, and the demonic face of Hannya on the other!


8″ X 6″

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