Japanese Incense

Incense is sold 10 bundles in a box, approximately 35 sticks per bundle. Each stick burns for about 50 minutes.

Also available by the bundle in our retail store. We welcome you to visit our retail store so we can light some samples for you!

Hoyei-koh (Eternal Treasure)

Hoeiko is a Sandalwood base, and one of the most mild scents we burn. Because we burn it every day it is also what people smell when they visit our store, and it has become our best seller!


Daigen-ko (Great Origin)

Daigenko is a slightly spicy scent which is perfect to use as a daily joss stick. One of our regular best-sellers in Old Japan.


Kyo-nishiki (Kyoto Autumn Leaves)

Kyo-nishiki is an earthy, medium spicy scent which is ideal for burning on a daily basis. It contains Sandalwood and other spices.


Kin-kaku (Golden Pavilion)

The main ingredients in Kinkaku include Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Clove and Patchouli, and create an extremely refreshing and mildly sweet scent. We often light this in our store, and it can be used for meditation or to purify a space.


Kyo-zakura (Kyoto Cherry Blossom)

Kyo-zakura is a medium spicy scent, with a sandalwood and cinnamon base.


Go-zan (Five Hills)

Gozan is a fine, complex incense with a Sandalwood and Patchouli base, excellent as a daily joss stick, or for meditation.

Incense with a medium-spicy strength.


Haku-un (White Cloud)

Haku-un is a wonderful slightly more expensive incense similar in feel to a refined aloeswood, and creates very subtle, complex scents like a fine aged wine.

This is one of our favorite incenses to light, and we save it for special occasions. It has a very refined, complex smell and we recommend it highly!