Japanese Futon

Futon Fabrics are available in Black or Dark Khaki; Twin Size, 39″ X 78″: $450, when purchased In-store. Full Size, Queen, and King available as special order.

Our Futon are made by our Japanese Dealer here in America, crafted to the same exacting standards of workmanship adhered to in Japan. All the materials used in our Futon are imported directly from Japan, and made to order here. Available in Twin, Full, and Queen Size.

For people with limited space, Futon offer the perfect alternative to a bed. Because Futon are flexible they can be folded into three, and stored easily. For people who have backaches Futon may be the answer to a good night’s sleep because they offer a firm, supportive sleep. Futon are the perfect Portable and Storable Bed-System! If you have friends and family who wish to visit and stay over, but not enough beds to share, keeping Futon on hand offers the perfect solution.

Traditionally constructed Japanese Futon are quite different from what are typically sold as “Futon” here in the United States. ┬áIf you visit a “Futon” store you will most likely find a cheaply made piece of merchandise which is soft and lumpy, and meant to be thrown away after a few seasons. (Because their main market is College Students.) A real Japanese Futon is made with extremely dense Cotton Batting, and sewn with tucks that hold the batting down and keep it from moving. A real Japanese Futon is a piece of bedding that will last for years. My (Japanese) husband’s mother gave us a set of Futon when we got married in 1984, and they are still in perfect condition. Even though we’ve since moved from Japan back to America we brought them back with us, and still use them when guests come to visit!