Indigo Patched Circular Vest (2-Layers)

This is a reversible vest, patched on one side and solid on the other, with a wonderful soft touch and drape.The “circular” collar can be worn in a number of ways, by laying it flat on the shoulders or bunching it up and draping it around the neck like a scarf. This is a flattering style for almost any body type, with flowing lines that make us look taller than we really are. I own this style of vest (I’m 5’1″) and am always surprised at how elegant I feel when I’m wearing it . . . I feel “stately”, and at least 2 or 3 inches taller than I really am! And I wear it everywhere!

Each of these Patched Indigo vest is custom-ordered, so will be slightly different from what we show on the website.

This is a Free Size which will fit a women’s size 4 to a women’s size 10 (or a slender size 12).

$580. UPS shipping is $20.