Indigo Aqua-Green Antique Mosquito Netting, 3 Panels

This Indigo “Kaya” is a Mosquito netting that most people in Japan would have slept under in the past, before the days of air-conditioning. Japanese summers are hot and humid, so people slept with open windows and doors, to keep cool. The Kaya netting was dyed with Indigo and a plant-based yellow to produce the stunning blue-green color, and ward off mosquitos. (The smell of strong Indigo was also considered helpful in warding off insects.) Nowadays Kaya are hardly ever used, and are no longer being made. The pieces that exist all date from the early to mid-20th century.

Kaya netting makes a lovely, see-through “drape” if unfolded; when folded the color becomes more dense, and deeper. Lovely to touch, fold and unfold, this is a unique collector’s item that is increasingly hard to find. Kaya come in a variety of shades, from deep Indigo blue, to aqua-green, to all different shades of light “spring” green, through deep forest green.

Made of “asa”, a kind of Japanese hemp. 40″ wide by 88″ long.

Aqua-green Mosquito netting, $350. Price includes shipping within the continental U.S.