Indigo Furoshiki with Sashiko Stitching

A Furoshiki is a “wrapping cloth”, used for hundreds of years in Japan, to reverently wrap different things, from small gifts to large sleeping Futon. Furoshiki are still in use today in modern Japan, and the most common use for smaller ones would be to wrap an everyday bento-box lunch, or to wrap a beautiful gift that you are giving to a friend or guest.

This Indigo Furoshiki dates from the early to mid-20th century, and the corners have been reinforced with Sashiko stitching, which indicates the Furoshiki may have been used to carry something heavy. The Sashiko stitching is done by hand, with a different pattern in every corner. Japanese women take great pride in their Sashiko, meticulously taking great pains to make each stitch equal in size, and as perfect as possible.

Quality is good, with a bit of fading in the center, in a circular pattern.
37″ by 39″ approximately. One small hole and one small patch. Very dark Indigo, it was probably dyed more than 25 times to achieve this deep Indigo color.

20th Century Indigo Furoshiki, $275. Shipping included within the continental U.S.