Indigo Fine-Line Striped Cotton Yardage

This yardage is unique in that it is a “double” width, compared to what is normal for kimono fabric in Japan; that is this one is 28″ wide, by about 4 yards longs. This cotton fabric is a line-dyed, fine-striped “Ikat”; that is, it is NOT printed onto the fabric, rather the cotton threads are dyed, and then it is woven. So the dyed stripes go through to the other side, instead of being only visible on one side. In our store we used this fabric to make pillows, aprons, placemats, etc., but I’m sure you can think of a few other things to do with it.

Although this is an “indigo” type color, it is made with synthetic indigo which makes it easier to work with.

28″ wide X 4 yards plus a bit more; $75 plus $15 for shipping within the U.S.