Indigo Farmer’s Work-Vest with Sashiko, more photos

This is a special farmer’s “work-vest”, which is stitched all over with Indigo Sashiko stitching, and then is reinforced on the shoulder with white-thread Sashiko stitching. There is also an additional white-thread, Sashiko reinforced piece that looks like a wide “sash”, which would have been firmly secured in place across the front, when a heavy load was being carried behind on a cart with wheels. A farmer would be pushing forward, carrying an extremely heavy load behind him on a cart, so the white-thread, Sashiko-stitched parts of the vest are reinforced to bear the brunt of the weight of the cart.

The Indigo color is a deep, lovely shade, and cannot be fully appreciated from our photos. (Sorry, Indigo is a difficult color to photograph correctly, although I keep trying . . . )

Early 20th century, pristine condition.