Indigo Cotton Kimono Fabric Bundle

In addition to Silk Kimono Bundles we also have Indigo Cotton Kimono Fabric Bundles which are taken from vintage farmer’s kimonos and jackets. These are textiles which are approximately 40-60 years old, and are considered collectibles. Indigo dyeing in Japan is considered an art, and the Japanese government recognizes this by awarding the title of National Living Treasure to certain artisans who carry on this extremely labor-intensive skill. Unfortunately it is now an almost extinct cottage-industry, because there are very few young people who want to learn and study the dyeing of Indigo. The smell of fermented Indigo is truly overwhelming (when I visited an Indigo dye facility I could only stay in the room for 30 seconds before gagging and running out) and if you become an Indigo dyer your fingers are stained blue for life. This is the sacrifice one makes to learn the art of dyeing with Indigo.

Indigo Kasuri (IKAT) Cotton Bundle

10 pieces – approximately seven inches wide by thirteen inches long.

$38 plus Priority Mail Shipping.