Hirotsugu Kawai Bowl

Bowl by Hirotsugu Kawai, son of Kawai Kanjiro.

This bowl was done by the son of Kawai Kanjiro, one of the most famous potters in 20th century Japan. Kawai was also one of the founders of the Mingei “Folk Art” movement, along with Hamada Shoji and Yanagi Soetsu. Kawai Kanjiro collected Folk Art from all over the world in an effort to preserve traditional crafts, and used traditional techniques in his own pottery while at the same time refusing to be tied down to form or color. The Japanese government tried to bestow upon Kawai the title of National Living Treasure, but he refused it.

His son Hirotsugu’s pottery was enormously influenced by his father, including his unusual use of colors. The blue of this bowl comes as close to a real Indigo blue as is possible in a ceramic.

8.5″ wide by 2.25″ tall.