Hanten “Festival” Jacket with Dragon, Tiger, and Hawk “Tattoo Irezumi” Pattern

35 and 1/4″ long, measured from the bottom of the collar to the hem. A quality cotton twill, proudly made in Japan. Beige background with Irezumi outlines in Black. The Japanese Kanji (calligraphy) on the collar reads from left side “Nihon” (Japan), right collar reads from top to bottom, “Ryuu” (Dragon), then “Ko” (Tiger).

Fits a Medium size to a Slender LARGE. This is a “Hanten” style MATSURI FESTIVAL Jacket, which in Japan is meant to be worn either hanging open or loosely belted at the waist. Therefore the size is slightly flexible. Comes with a matching solid color belt.

The jacket’s pattern looks like a Japanese IREZUMI Tattoo, decorated with the Tiger, the Hawk and the Dragon. They are variously symbols of mythical strength and courage, and in the case of the of the Dragon, the cosmic power of the universe.

$135.00 plus approximately $20 for Priority Mail shipping, per jacket, within the continental U.S.

Currently in stock, but please email for availability at: www.oldjapaninc.com