Five Musicians Sake Set

This is a fine vintage Sake Set that comes with an old wood box, and has two matching Sake bottles. Each bottle is hand-painted with a picture of “Gonin-Bayashi”, which refers to the five musicians who traditionally play music for the nobility of the Japanese royal court. Each bottle is hand-painted with three musicians on the front, and two more on the back, and the bottom of each bottle is inscribed with “Kyoto Tombo Kai”, which translates to “The Kyoto Dragonfly Association”. The two bottles are in perfect condition, and are probably from the early to mid-20th century. The edge of the bottom of one bottles looks as if it is chipped but it is not; it is glazed and was done like that intentionally.

This set did not come with matching sake cups, but we have included three beautiful celadon cups which are a pretty good match. Japanese sake drinkers have no qualms about mixing and matching different sake cups and bottles, and when you visit a restaurant that serves Sake in Japan you may get to choose the sake cup that you would like to drink from!