Our Favorite Japanese Soap

KAO Sekken is our favorite Japanese soap, and we have been selling it in our store for the last 10 years. When I went to Japan in 1974 I also started using this wonderful soap, which is mild, with a delicate refreshing (not cloying) scent; the company has been in business since 1890, making it one of the first soaps ever produced in Japan, and says that they use only 100% natural ingredients. I call it the “Ivory” soap of Japan, but it is SO MUCH BETTER then Ivory, there is really no comparison. We have a number of regular customers who swear by this soap, including people who need a milder soap for special skin conditions. My husband and I have been personally using this soap for the last 35 years, and are proud to carry it in our store.

Box of KAO Soap; 6 pieces to a box, each bar of soap is approximately 3″X 2″. The Japanese on the box says “100% Natural Plant Ingredients – Soap that is like “cream.” Each bar is 3.2 oz.

One Box is $22 plus Priority Mail Shipping. We recommend you buy at least two boxes to make the shipping worthwhile.

(We also recommend buying a fabulous Japanese Wash Cloth ($10) with a box of this wonderful soap, as a great gift your friends will always remember. Or for yourself.)