Bodhidharma is the name of the Buddhist monk who brought Zen Buddhism from India to China and Japan. The Japanese call him Daruma for short.

Legend says he meditated in a cave for seven years, eventually achieving Enlightenment. He meditated so long that his arms and legs fell off. Because of this, the Japanese portray him with a round body, and associate him with perseverance. People purchase these dolls at the New Year, or whenever they have a goal to persevere towards.

When you receive a doll, make a wish and fill in one eye. When your wish comes true you fill in the other eye. The Japanese believe that looking at your Daruma with one eye filled in will remind you of your goal or dream, and inspire you to go after it.

Because the Daruma’s body is round, if he gets knocked down he bounces back again. This represents a person’s ability to bounce back from adversity. A Japanese proverb is, “Nana korobi, ya oki.” Which means, “Knocked down seven times, bounces back EIGHT!”

The above story comes with every DARUMA, so they make the perfect gift!

Please email us first to make sure we have Daruma in stock, and for a quote on shipping. Minimum order is three pieces.

Small 3.5″ tall: $12
Medium 4.5″ tall: $16
Large 7″ tall: $40

In addition to Traditional Red, we are also now offering our Medium Daruma in the following colors: Black, Gold, Pink, White, and Blue.