Celadon Sake Set with Classic Cups

This is a contemporary version of a classic and Traditional Sake Set, with a beautiful Celadon color and an hour-glass contour. This is also a “Ni-Go” Sake bottle, which means it holds twice as much Sake as a regular Sake bottle. A “Ni-Go” Sake bottle means you spend less time heating up the Sake, and more time enjoying it. Campai!

This Celadon ceramic is finely crafted, with a nice feel and weight to it. All that’s missing is a beautiful Full Moon shining down through Cherry blossoms as as you sit back drinking sake, and composing a Haiku or two.

This is a quality Sake Set that a Daimyo Lord might have used 200 years ago to enjoy his Sake!

Celadon Sake Set with four Sake Cups $70

Celadon Sake Set with six Sake Cups $80

Sake Bottle, 5.5″ tall; Sake Cups, 2″ wide by 1.5″ tall.