Carmine Red Cherry Blossom Cotton Kimono

Japanese Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) are the most beautiful in the world, and they all blossom in early spring, working their way up from the southernmost island of Kyushu, up through Nara (the old capital), then Kyoto and Tokyo, and then finishing in the northern island of Hokkaido. For the Japanese, the ephemeral quality of the falling cherry blossoms reminds them to enjoy the beauty of life, every day.

The cotton is wonderfully soft but also strong, with an appealing slubbed cotton texture. Comes with a matching sash. Proudly Made In Japan.

Available in sizes 56″ (length, measured from the bottom of the collar in the back, to the hem) and size 59″. (SIZE 59″ IS BACK-ORDERED).

SIZE 56″ (Small to Medium); approximately a Woman’s size 6 to a slender 10. Or up to about 5′ 10″(height)/36 – 38″(waist)

SIZE 59″ (Medium to Slender LARGE): approximately a Woman’s size 8 to a slender 12.

$190. SHIPPING is approximately $20 by Priority Mail, per kimono, within the continental U.S.