Bobbing Head Zodiac Animals

We only have a few more left, including the Tiger, the Mouse, the Ram (or Sheep), the Boar, and the Rabbit. Except for these last few pieces they are being discontinued. Email first about availability. We have other handmade Zodiac animals in a different soft-fabric, stenciled style. Email us about availability at:

These are the twelve animals signs represented in the Oriental Zodiac. These are handmade in the Sendai region of Japan, by a particular craftsman and his family. Their bobbing heads and hand-painted faces give each its own individual personality. Similar to the Western Zodiac, the Chinese and Japanese believe that the personality of every person is determined by the animal sign for the year they were born in. Each animal sign has both good and bad characteristics, and many books have been written about each sign in great detail. (One of the best books on the subject is called “The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes”, by Theodora Lau.) To celebrate the New Year, Japanese people decorate their homes with the animal represented by that particular year.

Each Zodiac sign is handmade, and comes with its own handmade box, plus an explanation of each particular animal’s personality and characteristics.

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The Rat

The Rat is forthright and inquisitive, loves to acquire things, and good at making money. Always level, always alert to all possibilities, he has the ability to adapt to any situation or crisis, and will always be successful at whatever he chooses to do in life. The Rat may try to do too much, all the time, and as a result overextend himself.

Rat Years: 1900 1912 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996

The Ox

The Ox is the symbol of prosperity through perseverance and hard work. The Ox person is patient and dependable, extremely calm in all his undertakings. While extremely reliable, they can also be extremely stubborn.

Ox Years: 1901 1913 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997

The Tiger

Power and passion characterize the Tiger’s personality. While sometimes rebellious or impulsive, he is always exuberantly in love with life.

Tiger years: 1902 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998

The Rabbit

The Rabbit is a beloved favorite of the Japanese, well entrenched in myth and culture. The rabbit is considered a symbol of longevity and has a strong association with the Moon. (Where we see a Man in the Moon, the Japanese see a Rabbit in the Moon, pounding Mochi Rice Cakes!) The Rabbit is soft spoken and gracious, kind and sensitive, graceful and elegant. He is well liked by people, and generally avoids conflict.

Rabbit years: 1903 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999

The Dragon

One of the most powerful signs in the Zodiac, in China the sign of the Dragon also represents the Emperor. It was believed that anyone viewing the entire Dragon’s body would die, and for that reason in both Chinese and Japanese Art, the Dragon is always only partially portrayed; usually the head and claw, with the rest of the body hidden by clouds.

The only magical and mythical sign of the Zodiac, people born in the powerful year of the Dragon are strong willed, and said to be led by destiny. Dynamic and energetic, they can also be overzealous and demanding. A dragon’s egotistical nature will cause him to be at the center of everything.

Dragon years: 1904 1916 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000

The Snake

The Snake is the deepest thinker of all the signs in the Zodiac. Going back to biblical times, the Snake is said to hold the wisdom of the ages, and Snake people are the beneficiaries of this inborn wisdom. They can have mystic and psychic tendencies, and the Snake is said to be a karmic sign, with past actions dictating the success or failure in this lifetime.

Intense and independent, a Snake person will always rely on his own instincts, his own judgment, over that of others. A Snake will always have enough money for their needs.

Snake years: 1905 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001

The Horse

Unpredictable, high-spirited, and independent are the qualities that define the Horse. A person born into this year has an adventurous spirit, a sharp mind, and an ability to handle money. He can also be extremely headstrong.

Horse years: 1906 1918 1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002

The Sheep (or Ram)

The Chinese believe that good fortune smiles on anyone born in the year of the Sheep. They are said to be possessed of a peaceful nature and a kind heart, and they are known for being gentle and compassionate, perhaps to a fault. The Sheep is a lucky sign, and as the 8th sign of the Zodiac, represents continuing prosperity.

Sheep years: 1907 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003

The Monkey

Those born under the sign of the Monkey are said to be quick-witted and clever, extremely intelligent and inventive. His cleverness can sometimes be seen as cunning; he is competitive, and successful in the pursuit of money or power. Self-confident to a fault, he can be oblivious to others around him, but he will still be admired by these people because of his exuberant love of life.

Monkey years: 1908 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004

The Rooster

The Rooster person is an outstanding performer. He carries himself with impeccable dignity and self-assurance. He is neat and organized to the point of being meticulous.

Rooster years: 1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005

The Dog

A person born in this year is honest, intelligent, and so loyal that the Dog is said to be the most well-liked sign in the Zodiac. The Dog will passionately chase after Justice, and among his personality traits, cowardice is nowhere to be found. For the Dog, honor and fair play make life worth living.

Dog years: 1910 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006

The Wild Boar

Honest and persevering, the Boar is admired for his courage and fortitude. He prefers harmony over conflict, and does not carry a grudge.

Boar years: 1911 1923 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007