Blue Daruma to fulfill your Dream

Each of our specialty Daruma has a different Kanji to represent a goal to persevere towards.

Our Red Daruma are typical of Daruma made all over Japan; the Kanji characters say, “Fuku Iri”, which means, “Good fortune enters.”

Our Blue Daruma has the Japanese Kanji character “Yume” on it, meaning “Dream”. When you look at this Daruma it is meant to encourage you to pursue your Dream in life.

The Blue Daruma is hand-made and hand-painted. It stands 4.5″ tall, made out of paper mache.

One Blue “Dream” Daruma, $20, plus $15 shipping.

Set of two Blue Daruma (or mix and match colors): $38, plus $20 shipping within the U.S.

Set of three Blue Daruma (or you can mix and match): $55, plus $22 shipping within the U.S.