Black Ceramic Lucky Cat

This black ceramic, beckoning Lucky Cat stands 13″ tall X 9″ wide, and is probably from the mid-20th century, around 1960. These larger cats were often given to new stores or businesses to celebrate a grand opening, in order to draw in customers and cash. They are usually banks, and were often given with money put into the bank to insure a good start to business!

This black lucky cat has seen decades of business, perseverance, and luck! He is hand-painted, and the gold bell he wears on his “collar” says “Fuku-Ju”, which means “Good Fortune” and “Long Life”. (The kanji character for “Ju” is also the same kanji character used in the “Su” of “Sushi”.) This lucky cat has a wise and serene composure, having seen almost everything there is to see. He’s also been around so long that his whiskers are gone (probably accidentally pulled off by loving children . . . “)