Antique Indigo Futon-gawa with “Plaid” E-gasuri Designs

This is a superb quality Indigo Futon, with a “plaid” style design that boxes in each Kasuri (Ikat) good luck symbol.The dying technique uses a combination of “line-dyed” stripes, followed by the labor-intensive Ikat designs of bamboo, maple leaf, abstract, and possibly “family crest” patterns. Probably dyed and used in the early 20th century,
approximately 4’wide by 64″ long. Top and bottom edges are “ragged”, as most existing Indigo futon-gawa are, because they have been taken apart, and the batting has been removed.

Condition is excellent, with no visible holes or repairs. The Indigo color is a deep rich Indigo, and is not truly conveyed in the photos.

Plaid E-gasuri Futon-gawa, $650. Shipping included within the continental U.S.