Antique Indigo Futon-gawa, E-gasuri Design with Flowers and Abstract

This is an antique Indigo Futon-gawa (Futon cover) from the early 20th century. It has a beautiful deep Indigo color, decorated with an “E-gasuri (“picture kasuri” or Ikat) of an abstract geometric form, balanced by delicate flowers. The Indigo is a deep, rich color which means it has been Indigo-dyed over 20 times, a very labor-intensive process. The technique of “Kasuri” is also extremely labor-intensive. Before the futon cover is dyed, the cotton threads are bunched and tied together in a specific way to create each one-of-a-kind pattern. After the bunches of cotton are “tied”, they are then hand-dyed in Indigo, dipping them over and over again to reach the desired color. Eventually the dipped cotton threads are set and dyed, and only THEN are they woven to create the wavy-line Kasuri patterns you see. All this is done without the help of a computer to figure out what tying patterns will create what designs! Quite incredible, really!

This is a well used and well-loved, medium-good condition Indigo futon cover, from about the 1920’s. There are small holes throughout, and at least six patched areas on the back. The Indigo is deep, and not faded. The size is 47″ wide by 53″ long.

Collectors Item Indigo Futon-gawa, with E-gasuri Design, $475.