Additional Motion Lanterns; Butterflies, Flying Girls, and Penguins

These Japanese Motion Lanterns are a “new take” on a bye-gone world of dancing images, made for young children to be thrilled and delighted by. “Mawari-doro” means “turning lantern”, and in traditional old Japan, the lanterns used to be powered with a candle. The heat from the candle caused the paper lantern on the inside to turn, delighting children with their images. Our Motion Lanterns are, of course, now powered by electricity, but continue to delight children all over the world.

Exceptionally wonderful as a Night Light to soothe children to sleep!

We show only a handful of our best-sellers, but these lanterns come in over 70 different kinds. Once you buy your first lantern you can later purchase additional inserts, changing them seasonally, or as you like . . .


$84 plus $14 for shipping within the continental U.S.