Welcome to Old Japan. We have closed our Online store for an indefinite period of time, because my husband and I are returning to Japan by the end of December 2021. We are not sure what we will do when we get there, but first we’ll relax a bit, travel around and take in the sites, and settle down to a new life. We haven’t lived in Japan for over 30 years, so there’s a lot of change about to take place . . .

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “It is in changing we find purpose.”

For the last thirty years we always tried to sell the things we loved, the things that had integrity enough to stand the test of time. We always hoped that what we sold would represent our “personal best”.

We would like to leave you with a well-known Japanese phrase, “Ichigo Ichie”, which means “One Meeting, One Chance…”, and is represented in the Japanese calligraphy at the top of our home page. Ichigo Ichie tells us to make the most of every “chance” encounter that comes our way, with every new person, and every new experience, because it may provide an opportunity that may never come again; an opportunity to do some good, show some kindness, change our lives in some new way we can’t even imagine… We hope that our love of all things Japanese has touched the lives of all the people we’ve met over the years, and blessed them many times over.

We have always tried to talk to people as if they really mattered. Because they do.

Welcome to Old Japan.