Welcome to Old Japan. We have opened a NEW STORE in the South End, in Boston Massachusetts. Our address is 24 Union Park Street, between Washington Street and Shawmut Avenue, one of the most beautiful areas of old brownstone buildings in the city. Our new phone number is 617-357-8800.

We sell many items on our website, with many more one-of-a-kind items sold solely in our retail store in Boston.

We have been in business since 1990, with our original retail store in Greenwich Village, NYC. We specialize in affordable Japanese Antiques, Vintage Silk Kimonos, Textiles for quilters, and inexpensive Japanese gift items. We are very proud to carry Shoyeido Incense and Nippon Kodo Incense, some of the finest incense in the world, made in the traditional method by companies that are respectively over 300 and 400 years old. When you've been in business that long, you really get a chance to perfect your product!

We buy only what we love; the pieces that capture the refined beauty of Japanese Antiques, or the hand-made, rustic objects of everyday use that are known as Mingei, Japanese Folk Art. We go to Japan once a year and carefully hand-pick each item, from our Japanese Antique Dolls and Vintage Silk Kimonos to our Lucky Cats, both antique and contemporary. Because our store is limited in size, we carry only the things we feel are the very best, within their price range. We DON'T carry museum quality art, but we do carry a changing selection of original art like Woodblock Prints, at reasonable prices.